We support

The Tristan Foundation has three active projects at present. We support Lia Purnamasari and Widiyanti Winata (Yanti), Marcella and Marcelli (twins) from Indonesia, Rebeca Llusco CalaniMaria del Carmen MerubiaCelenia Jorge from Bolivia and Lidia Pinchi, Florentina Quipe laucata, Julio Quispe Laucata, Estefania Echame Laucata, Alejo Quispe Mamani, Eleuteria Puclla Sullcapuma and Eliana Huaman Osorio from Peru. Because of the support by the Tristan Foundation, these students are able to finish their studies and extend their chances in getting a better future for themselves.

The Tristan Foundation looks for projects to support, directly there where the need is and assures that its contribution is directly transferred to the supported instances or individuals.

The Tristan Foundation supports LiaYanti, Marcella and Marcelli through the local foundation Yayasan ABAS, Foundation Yayasan ABAS was founded in Indonesia on March 11th 1994 by miss Maria Rosa in cooperation with nurse Rina Ruigrok.

Foundation Yayasan ABAS

Foundation Yayasan ABAS gives shelter to children and women who are ill, have no money, are homeless and have no family that can or are willing to take care of them. The Yayasan ABAS foundation has currently two houses that provides a home to 35 children and 15 homeless women, in the age of 1 month to 85 years old.

The HoPe Foundation

The HoPe Foundation provides help to Indian communities in Peru. This by providing in programs for education, healthcare and other social programs. Read more about the HoPe Foundation on their website.