About us

Tristan Foundation

The Tristan Foundation was founded on October 16th, 2009. The board is represented by:  Jan RensenJos Cremers and Helen Bours.

Our goal:

To stimulate and (financially) support development opportunities of individuals and institutions / projects.

Current projects:

In 2009 we contacted the ABAS Foundation in Indonesia. Currently we support two students in Indonesia and since January 2011 we also support one student in Bolivia. We pay for their study in order to help them to extend their chances of a better future.

Introducing the board:Jan Rensen

Jan Rensen: Jan Rensen has been employed for years in several commercial and management positions within the Financial Services market. From 1999 until 2009 Jan Rensen was Managing Director of two local Rabobank offices in the south of the Netherlands. Since 2009 Jan Rensen has his own company. Besides mediator Jan is “your sparring partner in business” for small and middle sized businesses. He provides various trainings, but is specialized in change projects. Jan Rensen is especially interested in people and the organization. His slogan is: “One who does not control his own future, will get his future given”.

Jos Cremers: besides graduating from the Technical University of Eindhoven with a Masters Degree in Business Management, Jos has been already thirty years employed by a multinational in the south of the Netherlands. Jos is experienced as a manager in a wide range of business areas, like logistics, purchasing and information management. Since 2000 until 2012 he has been an active board member of the local Rabobank group, tasked with the cooperation and support of the social life in several villages. In the past Jos has also been engaged with local associations and clubs, of which he is still an active member. Jos’ slogan: “Change the world, but start with yourself!”

Helen Bours: Helen Bours studied Higher Management Support after graduating from Highschool. Helen has been employed by the Rabobank Group since 1989 in a number of different positions. Helen BoursCurrently she holds the position of Secretary to the Director of the Rabobank “Westelijke Mijnstreek”. She has always been engaged in supporting charities, e.g. she has worked for Amnesty International. Her slogan: “If you can’t do great things, try to do small things in a great way”.